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Planning for a Bright Future

When I graduated college, I landed a dream job teaching accounting at a university. For five years I enthusiastically taught my students important accounting principles. During this time, I put a significant portion of my paychecks into a retirement fund. Because I’ve always been extremely conservative with my finances, I invested all of my cash into money market funds. Unfortunately, this decision did not yield great results. Now that I’m older and wiser, I’d like to rectify the retirement mistake I made when I was younger. On this blog, I hope you will discover the best types of funds to include in your retirement portfolio. Enjoy!

Beef Up Your Insurance Coverage And Savings

If you have a Medicare policy, but it will not cover all of the costs associated with hospitalization, medication, or routine doctors visits, now is the time to investigate viable ways to increase your coverage so that you will have enough funds to pay medical bills that are incurred in the future. Use the options below to beef up your insurance coverage and savings so that you are protected if faced with a medical crisis.

Discuss Your Concerns With An Agent

Meet with a Medicare agent in person or schedule a conference over the phone to discuss your concerns and to acquire more information about what your coverage includes. If you are currently unaware of how your policy works and the amount of coverage that is available to you, it is a good idea to get a clearer picture of the situation at hand so that you are not faced with an enormous bill if you need to have surgery or a routine medical procedure performed at some time in your life.

An agent may offer you a different insurance plan that will cover more costs or they may refer you to another agency that offers supplemental plans. It doesn't hurt to explore your options and you may luck out and be able to afford more coverage for less money than you are currently paying. 

Obtain A Supplemental Policy

If you are considering a Medicare supplemental policy, receive a listing of insurance providers who offer supplemental plans. A list can be obtained directly from your primary insurance provider and should include a breakdown of costs and benefits that are included by choosing each supplemental insurance policy. After finding a company that offers the coverage and payment plan that you are most comfortable with, make arrangements to meet with an agent from the company so that they can add the new policy to your existing one. 

Seek Financial Guidance

If you are unsure about making changes to your existing policy, but would like to make sure that your finances are in order so that you can afford co-payments, prescriptions, and additional medical fees that you could be faced with, seek guidance concerning your finances. If you have bank accounts or have invested money, meet with a financial planner to discuss ways to increase your nest egg so that you can continue to support yourself and your family if you are faced with an unexpected medical issue.